Medlen's Health and Fitness Training Testimonials
Chris Medlen, CPT
Fitness Coach/Trainer
Call/Text: 785-979-7954
Alicia: Age 25, Trained 1.5 year
I have been working out with Chris for about a year and a half. I've struggled my whole adult life with my body image and had never been able to find a solution. I knew after one workout with Chris that I had found my answer. His workouts are challenging, always different, and most importantly effective. Chris teaches you techniques you can use on your own, provides helpful nutritional information, and motivates you to push yourself to the next level. I have never felt so strong, energized, and confident. The accountability and personalization that come with private and small group training provide results that can't be seen at a gym or aerobics class. Needless-to-say, I am completely hooked and so grateful to Chris for changing my life. Thank you, Chris, for showing me my own strength.

Robert: Age 27, Trained 5 months
Chris provides the most complete fitness program I've ever experienced. He not only structures your workouts to achieve individual goals, but also reinforces the concept of whole body fitness. I would without hesitation recommend Chris' program to anyone I know.
Carol: Age 36, Trained 1 year
Before I trained with Chris, I thought I was doing fine because I was motivated to work out regularly and felt comfortable with my weight and appearance. But I have been truly amazed at what I gain from working with a really good coach like Chris. As an example, I am sure that part of why my knee pain has improved since I have been training with Chris is because of the shift in focus to functional vs machine exercises. On my own, I was feeling like I had reached a biological strength limit and was definitely not able to push myself cardiovascularly anymore (I'm less motivated for cardio). Chris has helped me to make strength gains in all parts of my body, and correct imbalances I did not even know were there. Chris showed me how much harder and smarter I could be training to get results. I love having Chris provide challenging workouts for me, encourage me to do functional exercises I wouldn't try (or think of) on my own, and say things to me like, "yeah, it's hard work being tough" when I'm ready to stop. He pushes me to get the cardio in too which feels great when it's over. These days, I'm stronger than I've ever been and my body feels younger than it did before I started training with Chris.
Bob: Age 67, Trained 5 years
I have full-range of movement in my joints with no pain. That's my reward for training with Medlen's Health and Fitness twice weekly for over 5 years. At age 67 I've never been in better shape or healthier. Thank you Chris I couldn't be happier.
Jordan: Age 18, Trained 3 years
Chris is a BEAST! Not knowing at first what I got my self into. Chris being an ex-athlete he knew how to make each and every workout fun and super intense, which is just what I needed, playing football at Lawrence High. I'm feeling more athletic every day. I'm excited to be attending Baker University to play football next season.
Kelly: Age 45, Trained 2 years
I have been working out with Chris for over 2 years. I enjoy his workouts as they are short and intense which fit in with my busy schedule. No two workouts are the same; they are varied and personalized to my fitness level. My upper body strength was close to zero and now has really improved. Chris is friendly and NOT intimidating. He makes you feel at ease and not self conscious. If you have any injuries or weaknesses (I have a weak calf muscle), Chris will tailor a workout for your needs. I wanted to lose 10 lbs of stubborn belly fat and with Chris's help and diet suggestions I am now at my goal weight. Chris recently has converted his garage to a gym, it is pretty cool...all of the top of the line equipment that you would need and it's tastefully decorated. Chris also trains my high school cross country/soccer player and she has really benefited from the workouts. Her strength and agility have really improved. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris Medlen as a wonderful personal trainer for all ages.
George: Age 62, Trained 3 years
I've been going to the gym for decades, tweaking my workout by doing a little reading, watching what other guys did and improvising but, I was stuck. I had no idea how much more effective my workouts could be doing Chris's workouts. The sessions with Chris have lots of variety. I've been training with him for three years, and he still has me doing new exercises. He also puts a lot of emphasis on the areas that matter for useful fitness, like core strength. Yes, his workouts will make you look better - your friends will notice those "guns" and hard abs - but the real payoff comes from being able to lead an active life.
Brenda: Age 54, Trained 1.5 years
I lack the motivation to workout on my own & training with Chris gives me the accountability and push I need. I like the individual focus you get with Chris. He gets you to put in maximum effort in a short amount of time, which works great with my busy schedule!
Michelle/Ashley: Age 27/38, Trained 2 years
Chris has been waking up at 5am to train us and thanks to him, we have been able to stick to a regimen for over two years. We are in better condition today than we've ever been. Best of all, I'm looking forward to another year of good health and continued progress. We would never have done these workouts without Chris' help and encouragement.
Stella: Age 36, Trained 2 years
I began training with Chris a year after my daughter was born to help me work off the last 30 pounds of baby weight. I started to see results immediately and stuck with Chris for two years and ended up in the best shape of my life. At 34 years old, I was looking and feeling better than I ever had in my 20's. Chris specialized the sessions for me when I was a completely out of shape new mom to a totally in shape hot mama! His training sessions were always different which kept me interested and challenged. Also, his vast knowledge of additional exercises outside of the gym and nutrition were always motivating as well. I highly recommend training with Chris for anyone in any shape and of any age; he changed my body physically which made me feel better mentally and physically as well. Thank you Chris!
Greg: Age 47, Trained 4.5 years
Chris is absolutely a life changer! I've been working out with him for almost 5 years, and have never felt better. He helped me cut an hour off of my marathon time, and more importantly has made me feel better and more confident about myself. Medlen's Health and Fitness is a great environment; with awesome equipment, but with a very personal feel. The workouts are always different, so I'm never bored. If you want to see results, feel and look better, and be positively supported every step on the way, Chris is your guy!!
Amy: Age 46, Trained 4.5 years
As a fitness instructor I engage in plenty of cardio workouts on a regular basis. Over time though, I realized I needed to cross train to increase my stamina so I could teach more classes. A friend recommended training with Chris and it has improved my fitness enormously. I have never been someone who enjoys lifting weights. In fact, when I started training with Chris I told him I thought lifting weights was boring. He knew it would be a challenge to keep me coming back as a client! He has risen to the challenge & exceeded my expectations! Since I began training I have lost weight and several clothing sizes. Chris has kept the workouts fun & challenging - I have not been bored! I would recommend Chris's training to anyone who wants to get physically fit and see results. Chris is very professional & genuinely cares about helping clients achieve their goals. Quite honestly, working out with Chris will positively change your life - it has certainly changed mine.
Sherry: Age 46, Trained 4 years
After I had the twins I thought I'd never get my body back - especially at my age. I was tired all the time and afraid I'd never feel good again. Chris Medlen's personalized approach helped me not only to feel better, but in just six months I actually looked better than before I was pregnant. I train with Chris because he listens to me, knows my goals, and understands my challenges. He uses his expert training technique to motivate me through specialized workouts, custom designed just for me. I'm no athlete. I've never even liked exercise. Yet after every workout with Chris I leave his studio feeling exhausted yet rejuvenated at the same time, looking forward to my next session. He's always coming up with something new to keep it interesting while directly targeting my individual needs. Between work, school, my husband and kids, I don't have much time. Because Chris understands that, his workouts are as efficient as they are effective. That means a lot to busy people like me.
Jessica: Age 17, Trained 2.5 years
Chris Medlen helped me achieve my dream of playing college soccer by training me in both the physical and mental parts of the game. Chris has really pushed me on my speed development and quickness, which has stepped my game up a level. Next season I'm excited to finish my senior year with a bang at Free State High and then it's off to Gardner Webb University to play for the Bulldogs. I could not have achieved this without Chris.
Megan: Age 22, Trained 5 months
Since I started training with Chris in January, I've seen more progress in my fitness levels than I've experienced with any other trainer, boot camp, or gym. Working out is the highlight of my day, and Chris keeps me motivated and always challenges me.
Anne: Age 49, Trained 3 years
Chris has helped me achieve a fitness level I never thought I could reach. I am in better shape now than when I was a young adult or even a teenager. He worked with me to create a meal plan that helped me shed 30 lbs. After two years of keeping off the weight, I finally gave away all my fat clothes!
Ella: Age 64, Trained 5.5 years
I have trained with Chris for over 5 years, and I have seen great results! I have lost 40 pounds (very hard at my age), and I feel strong and fit. Chris approaches training with the right balance between accepting your current strength level while always encouraging you to get stronger. He also combines a fun personality with the hard work. I would definitely recommend Chris to everyone, no matter your age or fitness level.
Matt: Age 22, Trained 8 months
I'm in the best shape of my life and loving every minute of it. Chris's enthusiasm and personality make me excited to work out. I always want to tag along to my fiancee's sessions; I wish I could go everyday!
Spencer: Age 14, Trained 8 months
Chris is such a good trainer! In a way that he helps me a lot with my athletic performance. He focuses on my speed, agility, and light weight training; I feel my overall game playing and skill have improved. Chris adjusts the workouts to fit me and my needs; I'm excited to see how much better I will get.
Rick: Age 68, Trained 4 years
Chris has helped me with my balance, muscular endurance, and overall health. We do a lot of joint strengthening and rehab type exercises for my rotator cuff and knees, which I am very thankful for. At my age I feel pretty good and I want to continue to do the outdoorsy things I enjoy. Chris does a great job of challenging me and my body. He pushes me to do more than I think I can. Chris uses a variety of strategies to get me where I am. Thank you Chris.
Lindsay Age 32 Trained 2 months
"Just one workout with Chris Medlen and you will see why he is the best trainer around. He always pushes me to go beyond my comfort zone to find a stronger, more athletic version of myself. Each session is different and all are challenging, but the sense of pride and accomplishment I feel afterwards far surpasses a visit to any gym. He is very conscious of my personal physical limitations and works with me to strengthen those areas. He is a great motivator and always makes sure I stay in proper form. I can always count on Chris to bring new challenges to our workouts as we have worked out at KU Hill and at Lawrence High School, but his home gym has everything a person would need to get a great, solid workout. I am already stronger and faster than I was six weeks ago when I began working out with Chris. I highly recommend trying out Chris Medlen and Medlen Health and Fitness Training; you have no idea how strong you can actually be."

Marcus: Age 33, Trained 2 months
"Chris is an amazing trainer! I had knee surgery 9 months ago and have been limited to minimal activity on my lower body. Being one-on-one with Chris has been great! After 8 weeks of training I'm returning to the activities I loved and missed. As a bonus I have lost 15 lbs in the process! Being no stranger to working out, Chris has pushed me far past my normal "comfort" level. I look forward to each and every workout and have never enjoyed working so hard this much. Chris has made me realize the difference between working out and training. Try it for yourself, you wont regret it."
Alysse: Age 24, Trained 2 months
"Chris is an amazing trainer! I've only been going for a couple months so far but I can already see results. I feel better and am able to push myself more in the workouts. He comes up with different customized exercises every time and they're always challenging and fun! You don't have to waste hours at the gym, instead you give it your all for 30 minutes and then go about your day. I highly recommend Chris as a trainer!"
Kirby: Age 21, Trained 3 months
"Chris is awesome! I was wary of going to the big gyms because I didn't want to pay the expensive fees and not get anything out of it. Medlen's Health and Fitness will personalize what you want and help you work towards your goal. He is good at finding times that work for you, and making the most of it. I've been working with Chris for a few months now and he is a great motivator!"
Ronnie: Age 34, Trained 5 months
"Great place to work out.!!! small & private where the workouts are all about getting ME more fit. Love the intensity of our sessions. Chris pushes me more than I thought I could go. Great trainer.. Great guy!!"
John: Age 48 Trained 4 years
The personal attention Chris gives me is way beyond what other professional trainers have provided me over the years. He is a positive motivator with a comprehensive understanding of my physical abilities and limitations, and is able to adjust the pace of progress for me to reach my goals. With Chris, you are not just another client - you are the focus of his many year of professional passion to help others improve. He's the real deal!!!
Austin: Age 19 Trained 3 months
I can't recommend Chris enough. The guy knows exactly what he's doing. He has a great set up at his house, equipment for targeting every muscle group, and it's as private as it gets for those of you who are looking for the 1 on 1 route. Each session is challenging and completely unique. I've never looked forward to working out more, and Chris is great at recognizing your personal limits and pushing you to surpass them. One of the most positive and friendly guys around, go get yourself Medlen Trained!
Sybil: Age 35 Trained 1 1/2 years
Without hesitation, Chris Medlen is one of the best trainers around! He always keeps the sessions fresh, fun & challenging! The moves are tailored to really optimize your output & accelerate progress toward yours goals.
Ben: Age 21 Trained 5 months
I found Chris's personal training info on Google, I liked what I read so I emailed him and he promptly responded. I liked that the first couple workouts were to establish a base line and Chris wanted to see where my fitness level was to start. Within a short amount of time I noticed I was starting to lose some weight and getting better at the exercises. I like the workouts we do and we use a variety of equipment I have not used before, which makes it fun and different. Overall, Chris is a great motivator and I am having a great experience training with him. I would recommend anyone that likes the smaller gyms where the workouts are more personal to try Medlen's Health and Fitness Training.
Jen: Age 48 Trained 4 years
I love working out with Chris because he pushes me and makes me do things I would never do on my own. I am a certified exercise junkie and thought I was pretty tough, but Chris has pushed me even farther and harder in a great way. I can't wait for the next Triathlon season to start so I can see how my times improve because of training with Chris.
Katie: Age 32 Trained 1 yr.
"Investing in a personal trainer is the best decision I've made in a long time. I am a busy mom with three young children, and I want to be the best role model for them: including showing them the value of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Chris is helping me do just that. He pushes me to my potential, and in just a few months I have found the inner athlete I thought I lost when I became a mom. Chris's workouts are challenging and I leave feeling physically fatigued, yet empowered and energized to take on the rest of my day. I would absolutely recommend Chris Medlen's services to anyone looking to invest in their health!"
Michelle: Age 48 Trained 4 months
"I started working out with Chris this past June after searching for a new personal trainer. I've found the reviews I relied on to be accurate and they were. It had been a number of years since I had worked out with a personal trainer. Chris had to start me at the beginning again and tailors my workouts to fit me. Each one is new, different and I love the variety. I also love that I am getting a quality workout in in 30/45 mins and feel so much stronger than I did at the beginning of the summer. I highly recommend this "hidden gem"!"
Catherine: Age 37 Trained 10 months
"I've been working out with Chris twice a week for the last several months and LOVE it! The work-outs are very well-designed for me (and are getting tougher...) to increase my strength and stamina. He's made me stronger and, by virtue of that, has made me a better runner and all-around athlete. I highly recommend Medlen's Heath & Fitness"
Marcie: Age 33 Trained 3 months
"Chris is an excellent trainer! He knows how to push you while you enjoy your workout. I had extreme lower back pain and within weeks of training it was better. He knew exactly what exercises to use to strengthen my back. I am now able to enjoy doing activities with my children without being in constant pain. He is the best in town!"
Zalman: Age 33 Trained 1 year
"When I made the decision to get a better grasp on my health and become in better shape, I was seeking a trainer who can be there for me to guide, support and bring me to a better place. I got all that and whole lot more when I found Chris Medlen. From the first time we met it was evident that Chris has one goal in mind and that is to do whatever it takes to make me feel better. Everything he does is tailored specifically to my needs. Considering my hectic schedule, he is very flexible to find the time to make it work for me. He manages to always push me ahead of myself, to helping me grow and feel better. Over the past few months since we began training in his comfortable at home studio, Chris has succeeded in getting me way out of my comfort zone and in turn feel stronger, healthier and more energized. Every workout is a fun, upbeat and positive experience. I am so glad I found him and I highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to make a move and feel all that better, even for real beginners like myself."
Billy: Age 23 Trained 5 months
"Working with Chris Medlen was an extremely helpful and a tough yet fun experience. I trained with Chris over the summer of 2014 to better myself and prepare for my senior season as a receiver at The University of Saint Mary. Not only did he improve my speed, stamina, and skills on the field, he also took into consideration the health of my body and made changes to the training to accommodate any serious health issues that may be problematic during training. He was able to have me exert maximum energy directed towards training my body and not over do it to the point where I might pass out or want to quit. I also gained knowledge on taking my talents to the next level after college and learned a lot of useful tips and information I needed to know in order to pursue a professional career. His shared experience was extremely insightful and taught me a lot that I otherwise wouldn't have known. My favorite part of training were days specifically focused on speed. Mainly because that's what I felt I needed to improve on the most and there's a lot of rest time in between repetitions. Also the days focused on perfecting my skills as a receiver and tweaking any small problems I had helped me a lot during the season and made me a better receiver. He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anybody trying to better themselves physically whether it be in football, any other sport, or just overall physical fitness."
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